Preventing accidents in the workplace

Accidents at work can happen in various different ways. It is usually new employees to a workplace who are involved in accidents at work because they are not fully aware of the dangers involved with the job and they have not always been trained on how to prevent accidents from occurring. Early preventative training and induction procedures are important to prevent accidents at work causing personal injury and financial losses.

Preventing workplace accidents

The employees training will depend upon the industry and the occupation they work in. The training needed to prevent workplace accidents in the office environment is extremely different to the training employees receive in a construction industry.

In the construction industry, all employers should make sure that all employees receive a full induction as soon as possibly available before they are starting on a new site. It is important that the correct protective clothing or equipment is also provided to all employees or details of what is needed are available. Although the clothing will vary for different workplaces it could include steel toe capped boots, high visibility vest, protective gloves, overalls, protective ear wear and goggles. Protective equipment could be for example the provision of a guard for machinery to prevent an injury from occurring.

If you have been injured due to not being provided with the correct safety clothing or equipment, you could be eligible to make a claim for compensation due to your employer’s negligence.

Another job which carries out a high risk of injury is working in a factory, although injuries in the past were usually caused when health and safety measures were not followed correctly. Preventative training in a factory can help avoid injuries and could involve how to stop a machine in an emergency, how to lift objects correctly and how to keep everything tidy.

In an office the risk of severe injury is low, although workplace accidents can happen in offices and it is not unusual. Office accidents can be avoided when the employer takes out the correct health and safety procedures, including safety precautions or providing the correct training. Preventative training in an office workplace should involve giving all employees an induction which should make them aware of all potential hazards around the office which could be a slight change in the floor level or employees could be given instructions on how to us electrical equipment. Making sure all employees are aware of all hazards can prevent them being injured.

Obviously many roles in the work place differ and some roles are more risky than others, but workplace accidents can occur during any occupation and preventative training is vital to help avoid personal injuries and accidents at work.

Claiming compensation after a workplace accident

For many people, the main barrier for claiming compensation due to an accident at work causing personal injury is that they are worried they will be treated badly or lose their job as a result of the accident. It’s illegal for your employer to dismiss you from work or treat you badly due to making a compensation claim. If you believe you are entitled to compensation after suffering from personal injury and financial loss due to an accident at work please do not hesitate to contact Broad Yorkshire Law on 01143 277359 or fill out a claim form on our website.